It’s hard to say goodbye, it always happens to me when I’m travelling, say goodbye to adventure, to knowledge and just to be abroad. But all good thing must come to an end someday and so my trip to Turkey.

I spent my last days in this country on Selçuk, a small village in Izmir and I think, if you want to go to the Archaeological City of Ephesus, that’s the place you should stay.

You will find greats hotels in Selçuk, cheap, cosy rooms with breakfast included, just the perfect combination. I particularly stay on Anz Hotel Guesthouse, perfect place for meet some friends and hang out a little. I highly recommended.

But, the real reason I choose Selçuk as my home for a few days, was that it is very close to the City of Ephesus, just 3 km.

Ephesus was an important city in ancient times, mostly because of his strategic location between Europe and Asia, and his closeness to the Ionia sea.

At the moment when you arrive at the Archaeological site, you’ll spend 3 to 4 hours, even more if you love history and be prepared for all the secrets the guide will tell you, don’t forget this is an open museum.

Note: Please remember if you are going during the summer, you have to bring water, a hat,  sunscreen and maybe some snacks, inside you won’t find anything to buy.

The most important monuments you’ll see inside Ephesus Ancient City are:

1. The Odeon.

It’s a building with the shape of a small theater. It was used for political meetings and artist performances.

Gran Teatro Despedida desde Éfeso. Guía de Viaje Turquia


2. The Temple of Domitian.

Dedicated to Emperor Domitian. Back on those days was a huge building with two floors, when the Emperor died, his enemies want to erase his memory and destroyed the Temple. Some say he was a tyrant, others that he made the polis a great city.


3. The Curete Street.

One of the mains streets in the city leads you to the Celsus Library, and trough many important monuments.

camino de los Curetes Despedida desde Éfeso. Guía de Viaje Turquia

4. Scholastica Bath.

Named by a Christian lady called Scholastica, you’ll see her statue without the head on the entrance.

Despedida desde Éfeso. Guía de Viaje Turquia

5. Temple of Hadrian.

A beautiful building with four Corinthian columns supporting a curved arch.

Ephesus Ancient City. First-Timers guide

6. Commercial Agora.

Picture 5th av in New York. At that time the Commercial Agora was the trade centre of the city, where everyone gather to trade their products.

7. Celsus Library.

La biblioteca de Celso Despedida desde Éfeso. Guía de Viaje Turquia

The gem of the city, picture site or Instagram site 😉 the tallest building in the city, even though the façade it’s the only part that remains, it show you how beautiful was back in its days.

The façade still remains as it was in the beginning with a copy of four statues that symbolize: wisdom (Sophia), knowledge (Episteme), intelligence (Ennoia) and courage (Arete).

8.The Arcadian Street.

The second main street in the city, it was the entering from the port, it is believed that on every side of the street there were shops and galleries.

Also story said that back in its glories days this street was illuminated with headlight and it was surrounded by the imperial family statues.

Vía Arcadia Despedida desde Éfeso. Guía de Viaje Turquia

9.The Marble road.

It was the third main street in the city, starting from the theatre to the Celsus Library and it was made of marble.

10. Amphitheatre

One of the biggest amphitheatre you’ll see in the country, built in the Hellenistic age, it was used for sport and performances. When the Romans arrived at the city they increased the side of the building and used for gladiator and wild animals fights.

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